Our course meals typically consist of 6-8 dishes, depending on the course price and the ingredients available on the day.

The usual composition includes an appetizer, soup, 2-3 main dishes, rice or noodles, and dessert.

When we first opened, we labeled our menu as seafood, meat, or fish dishes, but after a year and more repeat customers, we decided to change everything to "omakase" to focus on the best ingredients available each day.

The reason for this is that our customers come from all ages, genders, and situations, and we felt that pre-determined menus didn't make sense. Depending on their age, how much they drink, whether they are dining with family or entertaining, customers have different expectations for the type, taste, and amount of food they want.

For regular customers who dine with their family or with a set group of people, we make sure to incorporate new dishes into each course.

In addition, when customers drink and enjoy their meal, we prioritize the quality of the dishes to complement the flavor of the drink. As an open kitchen, we strive to provide carefully crafted meals.

We understand that our course meal may be daunting for first-time customers, but we always strive to create a new sense of excitement with our dishes. Thank you for your understanding.

Takayasu Chinese Cuisine
Owner: Hiroki Sato